Getting Our Kids To Eat Healthy by Dr. Asa Andrew

One of the challenges that bother me the most is seeing our kids overweight and unhealthy. Each day on the radio and television broadcasts I discuss a variety of topics and latest health news. When I started seeing the trends in our young people such as 1 out of 3 of kids under the age of 11 being diagnosed with diabetes. Or even worse that 17% of our children are now considered overweight. With this information I started thinking, where are we going wrong? What can we do as parents and leaders to make an impact?

How Green Peas Impact Our Health

Given their exceptionally strong nutrient composition, we've been surprised at the relatively small amount of research specifically focused on green peas as a health-supporting food. Green peas have been largely overlooked in research studies on legumes, which have tended to concentrate only on beans. In studies where the health benefits of green peas have been directly examined, it's usually been in their dried versus fresh form. These research trends are ones that we would really like to see reversed! Due to the lack of wide-scale health research on green peas, many of the connections that we would expect to see need further research substantiation.

Essentials For Achieving Your Health Goals!

It’s not rocket science - it’s common sense actually! What you put into your body is your fuel and if you feed your body lousy fuel, you will feel lousy as well as obtain unwanted weight! If you eat foods which are lacking nutrients and fiber and are filled with artificial chemicals, then you can’t expect to be lean and enjoy high performance. It’s just that plain and simple. And even worse, people somehow think depriving yourself or taking some synthetic stimulant will fix the problem! Here’s the simple truth:

A New Option for Cholesterol and Heart Health by Elizabeth Klodas, MD

The FDA just announced the approval of an new drug called Praluent®. Hailed as a giant advance in care, this injectable medication can lower cholesterol by as much as 70%. But here's the real news. The medication will cost – wait for it – $14,600 per patient per year.   

Essentials For The Respiratory System

Whether it’s allergies, asthma, cold, sinus congestion or other, essential oils can greatly assist you and work very effectively. But let’s first understand what might be causing any respiratory dysfunctions to begin with.I personally learned that with my intense seasonal allergies as a young adult, once I switched to a wholesome diet all of my issues disappeared. I wasn’t really sure why, other than diet is a key or culprit to our health results, until a few years back in understanding the body’s channels of elimination.


Your body’s ‘primary channels’ of elimination are your:

  • colon
  • kidney
  • liver

Your body’s ‘secondary channels’ of elimination are basically your:

Essentials for a "HAPPY TUMMY"

There are those times when your tummy just isn’t happy with your choices of foods and you know it because of the discomfort you have. Let’s consider the cause and some possible solutions from nature.

First consider the possible causes:

1. poor choices of foods that lack micronutrients can sabotage your metabolism and deplete your healthy intestinal flora.
2. lack of raw foods means lack of enzymes required for good digestion.
3. lack of fiber from whole foods are important for proper intestinal cleansing which can instead putrefy in the gut.

If you can work to eliminate these issues first, you can make great headway for improving digestion. But in addition to this, there are several essential oil suggestions:

The Benefit of Walnuts

We have long learned how nuts can benefit our overall health. Many studies have been done to show us how just a handful a day can help keep the doctor away in so many areas of our health and well-being. Let’s take a look at why walnuts may be the most powerful of all the nuts for impacting our overall health from everything to heart disease to reversing the clock on aging.

Essentials for Sleeping Soundly

How many of your are challenged with having a good night’s sleep or know someone who is? I know there are many tips out there to guide you to better sleep - and many of you have tried them.

  • don’t drink caffeine or chocolate within a few hours of bedtime
  • don’t watch television or be on your other electronics late in the evening
  • avoid processed foods and sweets in the evening
  • take a warm bath and read before bedtime
  • make sure it is quiet and dark in your room

These are all important for a good night’s rest, however for many, following these suggestions, though important, are still not enough. Here’s why….

The Real Reason Doctors Don’t Talk About Nutrition

Why are more doctors not talking about nutrition? Have you ever asked your physician about certain nutrition questions and didn’t receive the answer that you were looking for? It’s because it was not in our basic training as doctors. The great news is that many doctors are now seeking outside training to add to their toolbox. Listen to what a Mayo Clinic trained cardiologist has to say about doctors and nutrition.

Why and How to use Essential Oils internally

For centuries, essential oils have be used aromatically and topically, however it’s exciting to know that there are many internal benefits as well. More and more research validates the benefits of using essential oils for internal use providing the safety guidelines are understood and followed.

Essential Oils are NOT created equal: Soil and plant composition, the time of day harvested, the part of the plant used (stem, leaf, flower, etc.), and extraction methods can all greatly vary. If science is not documented behind the oils you are using, then don’t use them internally.